poetry time #1

What has happened to the time - 24/11/17 - by Lisa

what has happened to the time?

the time I was a little girl

with my big dreams

a soldier,

a singer,

a docter

and then, a writer

oh, how I grabbed that pen

as soon as I could write 

the magic wasn’t in the pen

it was the magic of telling stories

to let people travel through places,

times, moods, minds…

and then there were photo’s

another way of sharing stories

oh, the magic of capturing someone’s soul on film

to see the stories in their eyes

as they smiled to the camera

and now I’m sitting here

in a quiet building at uni

as the lights are turning off

and the sun sets down

when did I lose it?

how have I become distracted

by opinions,




what has happened to the time

that fearless time 

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