a new adventure

As far as I can remember, I’ve been in love with traveling. I grew up in different cities, countries and cultures, so yeah, I couldn’t imagine a life without traveling or moving to other places. I promised myself that I wanted to travel for my study. When I attempted my English teacher’s training, that promise could finally be taken into action. My first year was really hard, but somehow I managed to earn enough credits… and that’s all that matters. Passing the first year only ment one thing: a new adventure! I’m not only moving out from my parent’s place, but I’m going to…

England for three months! In 4 (!) weeks I’ll be living in Norwich, England! And nope, this won’t be three months of holiday, chilling somewhere and eating scones all day (but I’ll eat them anyways..like hello.. scones are tha best), nope, your’s faithfully will be teaching at a school, writing a lot of blogposts and doing a lot of ”culture and language exploring”.

So yeah, what to do now? In less than four weeks I’m flying to England… and there is a whole list of things to be done. I’m a girl who just likes fashion sooo.. how am I gonna pack one suitcase, including a summer and autumn garderobe, for three months?

So… I’ve become a ”to-do-list fanatic”. The coming weeks will be all about cleaning up, packing ALL my stuff, bringing things to storage, working, planning and saying goodbye to my favorite people and places… but it’s gonna be all worth it, I’m totally in for this new adventure!

I’ve got some news, I won’t be going on this adventure all alone… I’m inviting you to join this adventure!

So how can you join in? Not by catching the same plane as I do… you can relax at home and read all about my adventures in England. 😉

So what can you expect from me? 

The coming months I will keep you updated via my blog on preparations (how does a student prepare herself for three months of England?), how I adjust myself to England (what is living in England like, what are the differences between the Netherlands and England?), lots of photo’s, reviews, hotspots articles and other updates. Also, make sure to follow my Instagram account to see the newest photo’s! Via the hastag ”#lisagoesnorwich” on my blog, you will find all the posts regarding to my England adventures. Same goes for Instagram, where you will find all photos regarding England underneath #lisagoesnorwich.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am to start this adventure. Any suggestions are welcome (just leave them below in the comments) and follow my Instagram for amazing feed 😉


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