a day in antwerp

It was a cloudy day. I had woken up early to make some sandwiches. I packed my new packback with food, a notebook and my camera and rushed off to the station where I took the train to the south of the Netherlands, where I met up with my lovely friend Nien. We were about to travel to Antwerp! I personally couldn’t even remember being in Antwerp before, so I was all excited to explore this city!

When we arrived in Roosendaal, we saw that our train tranfer to Antwerp was cancelled. We sat down at the station and waited for another train, a train that would stop at every small town between Roosendaal and Antwerp- but when we saw the train, our sadness turned into a twinkeling in our eyes… because the train was as vintage as it could get. Where others would have been irritated by the absence of wifi, we were a bunch of happy hipster ladies, ready to do a small photoshoot in this fancy-looking train.

When we arrived in Antwerp, we were amazed by the big station hall with its lovely architecture.

When I had taken my touristic photos, it was about time to explore the centre of Antwerp, and we weren’t dissapointed by the view of this city!

We sat down at Foodmaker for a cup of tea and coffee, including a sweet treatment (and they have student discount, yeaah) We were totally ready for the day!

Antwerp has a lot of lovely architecture, promenades and tiny streets with all sorts of lovely coffeeshops and fashion boutiques. Ofcourse, we did some shopping (girls like to get some nice clothes- with discount ofcourse) but we also wandered around the photogenic places Antwerp has to offer.

For lunch we sat down at DIVERS (Volkstraat 9), a photogenic (ofcourse) hipster place where we got a healthy, tasty and good looking lunch.

After this fine lunch, we wandered again around the little streets, with our cameras ready to shoot.

After this lovely walk around the city, it was time to go home. Antwerp, you have been amazing! I can’t wait to return to this lovely city!

* All photos of me were taken by my talented friend




  1. Hoi Lieve Michanne,

    Ineens dacht ik weer aan jouw blog en ik ging snel maar weer eens kijken. Zie ik ineens dit artikel. Aaaah! Memories <3 Zo leuk! Wanneer je weer in Nederland bent, gaan we een ander leuk plekje uitzoeken!

    All my love,


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