trends #1 S/S 2017

A few months ago I started working in the marketing world, online content to be precise. Aaaand, the clients I have are clothing shops. So, after all I ended up in the world of magic called ‘fashion’. I’ve always been slightly obsessed with clothes and style, but I just take things I like and transfer that into my own style. My friends would think I spend hours on styling my outfits, where in fact I just woke up and grabbed some pieces from my garderobe, hoping I grabbed matching items. But ey, people can change. I found pinterest and fashionbloggers. And now I’m even more up to date then whatever fashion guru you may call (just kidding…)

But let’s go on to the reason I’m writing this article. I’ve been spotting trends, reading stuff and tried to find my approach to it. So here is my moodboard on trends that are on this spring and summer. (All credits go to Pinterest and the ones that put the photos on Pinterest) 

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