poetry time #1

What has happened to the time - 24/11/17 - by Lisa

what has happened to the time?

the time I was a little girl

with my big dreams

a soldier,

a singer,

a docter

and then, a writer

oh, how I grabbed that pen

as soon as I could write 

the magic wasn’t in the pen

it was the magic of telling stories

to let people travel through places,

times, moods, minds…

and then there were photo’s

another way of sharing stories

oh, the magic of capturing someone’s soul on film

to see the stories in their eyes

as they smiled to the camera

and now I’m sitting here

in a quiet building at uni

as the lights are turning off

and the sun sets down

when did I lose it?

how have I become distracted

by opinions,




what has happened to the time

that fearless time 

an analogue adventure

I held the camera in my hand. For the past few months it had been there, ready to be used. It was a classic Olympus Trip 35 analogue camera that my grandpa left my family when he passed away. Somehow it felt natural that I would be the one to use it. I even didn’t know if it still worked. I spend some money on a film roll nd I started playing around. In England I got it developed and in some magical way photo’s appeared that weren’t a black mess. I became a fan. Now I have three black and white film rolls, ready to be shot. This is only the start of my analogue adventure.Continue reading →

a day in antwerp

It was a cloudy day. I had woken up early to make some sandwiches. I packed my new packback with food, a notebook and my camera and rushed off to the station where I took the train to the south of the Netherlands, where I met up with my lovely friend Nien. We were about to travel to Antwerp! I personally couldn’t even remember being in Antwerp before, so I was all excited to explore this city!

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a new adventure

As far as I can remember, I’ve been in love with traveling. I grew up in different cities, countries and cultures, so yeah, I couldn’t imagine a life without traveling or moving to other places. I promised myself that I wanted to travel for my study. When I attempted my English teacher’s training, that promise could finally be taken into action. My first year was really hard, but somehow I managed to earn enough credits… and that’s all that matters. Passing the first year only ment one thing: a new adventure! I’m not only moving out from my parent’s place, but I’m going to…

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Wedding Henk + Jildes #1

It was a rainy day in January, but this couple was a sunshine that just brightened up the day! They wanted funny, spontaneous photo’s with a little retro style.

I was at the bride’s place in the morning and got the chance to capture it all. From a girl in sweatpants to a stunning bride… and a nervous groom. 🙂

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trends #1 S/S 2017

A few months ago I started working in the marketing world, online content to be precise. Aaaand, the clients I have are clothing shops. So, after all I ended up in the world of magic called ‘fashion’. I’ve always been slightly obsessed with clothes and style, but I just take things I like and transfer that into my own style. My friends would think I spend hours on styling my outfits, where in fact I just woke up and grabbed some pieces from my garderobe, hoping I grabbed matching items. But ey, people can change. I found pinterest and fashionbloggers. And now I’m even more up to date then whatever fashion guru you may call (just kidding…)

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